Writings from James McCommons
A New Era For Train Travel? // (Next American City, 2009) [LINK] [PDF]
Rails and Trails Lure Fans of Trains… // (Oregon Live, 2009) [LINK] [PDF]
Steeped in the West // (Los Angeles Times, 2007) [LINK] [PDF]
Suburban Renewal // (Audubon Magazine, 2006) [LINK] [PDF]
Saving for Your Grandkids // (Better Homes and Gardens, 2006) [LINK] [PDF]
Why Walking Is Good for Back Pain // (Better Homes and Gardens, 2005) [LINK] [PDF]
Advantages of Buying a Car Online // (Better Homes and Gardens, 2004) [LINK] [PDF]
How Safe Is Your Child’s Summer Job? // (Better Homes and Gardens, 2003) [LINK] [PDF]
11 Ideas for Getting Kids to Write // (Better Homes and Gardens, 2003) [LINK] [PDF]
Suburban Gothic // (Organic Gardening, 2002) [LINK] [PDF]
On Top of Old Whiskey Mountain // (The New York Times, 1996) [LINK] [PDF]
Get Your Kids Outdoors // (Better Homes and Gardens) [LINK] [PDF][Download .ZIP of All Writings]